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For those who can not afford to thread the barrel to hook up the suppressor, we have prepared and tested

2 Muzzle Couplings

One model is for permanent use and the other one is a quick detach.

Both can hold any device (ie. Suppressor) up to 600 gr. The threading is 1/2-28 TPI.

Barrels with or without front sights can apply.

We have successfully tested both up to .308WM.



Have a look to the 4 unique Suppressor designs we have compiled for you.

We customize each Design  according to your needs (ie. Caliber, Material, …)


.22 LR

Suppressor Kit

4 Cans in 1



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The Core (internal part of the suppressor) is based on a sequence of Baffles with a Shape like an “M”.

It’s a 2-parts Baffle, consisting on a 45º/60º cone and a spacer.

Can be built in one piece but very tricky.

Omega Cones and M-Baffles are 99% the same thing.

It’s an “all terrain” Baffle and can be used in a wide variety of calibers and can configurations.

It’s common to see a mix of angles in the same can.

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