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For those who can not afford to thread the barrel to hook up the suppressor, we have prepared and tested

2 Muzzle Couplings

One model is for permanent use and the other one is a quick detach.

Both can hold any device (ie. Suppressor) up to 600 gr. The threading is 1/2-28 TPI.

Barrels with or without front sights can apply.

We have successfully tested both up to .308WM.



Have a look to the 4 unique Suppressor designs we have compiled for you.

We customize each Design† according to your needs (ie. Caliber, Material, Ö)


.22 LR

Suppressor Kit

4 Cans in 1



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.22 LR Kit

We designed this Kit specially for those who enjoy .22 LR† and have more than one Rifle/Pistol.

The Kit allows the owner to build a set of Parts and have 4 different Cans sharing the same Tube and Caps.

The Kit, includes:

1 x Tube

1 x Rear Cap

1 x Front Cap

1 x Set of K-Baffles

1 x Set of M-Baffle

1 x Set of E-Baffles

1 x Set of I Baffles

This Kit is NOT the 4 Cans we sell for .22LR. Itís been created for quad integration. For those who like experiments and research, itís the perfect tool for testing Hybrid Cans (mixing Baffles).

.22 LR Kit Format

Buy this Kit and get Plans of a Hybrid Wet/Dry Can for .22LR for FREE