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For those who can not afford to thread the barrel to hook up the suppressor, we have prepared and tested

2 Muzzle Couplings

One model is for permanent use and the other one is a quick detach.

Both can hold any device (ie. Suppressor) up to 600 gr. The threading is 1/2-28 TPI.

Barrels with or without front sights can apply.

We have successfully tested both up to .308WM.



Have a look to the 4 unique Suppressor designs we have compiled for you.

We customize each Design  according to your needs (ie. Caliber, Material, …)


.22 LR

Suppressor Kit

4 Cans in 1



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Welcome to Silencer-Plans.Com !

In this site you will find a broad selection of Gun Suppressor Plans (Blue Prints).

We design them using the most advanced computer technology, including 3D modeling tools, Flow analysis software, Mechanical engineering software, ...

Once we have finished the design phase, we build and test in Countries and places where this type of Devices are legal.

The collection of Plans is organized by gun caliber for your convenience. They are all ready to build and their modular design ensure an easy building process.

We offer the Plans in several formats, including PDF, 2D CADs and 3D CADs (portable formats like IGES, STL, STEP, …) Measurements  are in inches and millimeters. You can also ask for particular formats.

We also offer an Ad-Hoc design service where you tell us your requirements (ie. Caliber, Load, Length, Weigh, Material, ...) and we just do it for you.

We hope you enjoy our Site and Plans.


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